Female genital mutilation: A zero tolerance policy

On this International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation on 6 February, it is important to recall that for Luxembourg, such a serious violation of gender equality and such an extreme form of gender violence is unacceptable and will never be tolerated.

FGM is a serious violation of the human rights of women and girls, violating their physical and psychological integrity, their rights to sexuality, health, equality, safety and the right to life, as these practices are not only burdensome and devastating in their consequences, but can also be fatal. Many factors contribute to the prevalence of this practice. However, wherever it is practised, FGM is an expression of entrenched gender inequality and girls and women who undergo FGM are subjected to a systematic form of violence.

Luxembourg remains committed to promoting and defending the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. With the law of 20 July 2018, the Luxembourg government made FGM a specific criminal offence, approved and ratified the Istanbul Convention, and reaffirmed its commitment to the prohibition of all forms of violence against women and girls without exception.

FGM and all other forms of violence are destructive. Preventing and combating it also means helping girls and women to fully exercise their rights on an equal footing with men and boys, to develop their full potential and build their futures free from coercion and violence, to build and contribute to our societies with equal value, treatment and opportunity.

Ending FGM by 2030 concerns everyone and requires the responsibility of the State and of every member of society. The elimination of FGM by 2030 concerns everyone and requires the responsibility of the State and every member of society. For Luxembourg, in addition to support for victims of FGM, prevention, including awareness raising, tools and education from an early age, is a key element that requires the involvement of men and boys, as well as women and girls, in order to gradually and fully achieve together a change in mentalities and behaviour, the abolition of any harmful practice, tradition or custom, the recognition of the equal value of and respect for women and girls, and the full acceptance of this change towards an egalitarian society.

Press release by the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men 

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