Taina Bofferding supports the Orange Week 2019: "I say NO to violence against girls and women"

This is the third time in a row, after 2017 and 2018, that the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men supports the "Orange Week 2019", organized by the Conseil national des femmes du Luxembourg and the luxembourgish section of Zonta International. With many public buildings lit in orange and several information- and awareness events, the subject of violence against women and girls will be put at the center of the public interest from the 19 November to the 10 of December 2019. 

Taina Bofferding at the presentation of the "Orange Week 2019"


"I particularly welcome the fact that Orange Week's number of partners keeps increasing, which proves that the fight against violence has become of a particular interest to our society," said Taina Bofferding, Minister of Equality between Women and Men. "Even in a prosperous country like Luxembourg, violence against women and girls is a daily reality. It is omnipresent. It is happening in the middle of our society or behind closed curtains. It is physical or psychological. It has taken on new forms and introduced itself into social media, a place where it is becoming easier to spread hatred and create a hostile climate," said the minister.

"This is why, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence in July 2018 has been an important step in highlighting the many faces of violence. The obligations of this international treaty will be the cornerstone of our efforts to end violence against women and girls in the long term."

The Minister points out that Luxembourg has introduced a number of measures to support victims of violence, including a legal framework on domestic violence and a network of partners, who are commited in the daily fight against violence suffered by women and men. "Without the help of these actors, the state would not be able to assume its social missions. The Orange Week is a good opportunity to thank them," concluded Taina Bofferding.

Taina Bofferding encourages the entire luxembourgish society to participate in the various events organised throughout the Orange Week 2019, including the Orange Walk, which will take place this Saturday in the center of the capital of Luxembourg. "Come and join the Orange movement to say NO to violence against women and girls."


Press release by the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men

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